Blue is a popular choice for weddings and there are many shade to choose from, whether you go for Royal Blue, Navy, Aqua, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Light Blue, Cobalt, French Blue, Dusty Blue or Cornflower you can find a shade that will work for your wedding. Light Blue, Navy or Royal Blue are perfect for a autumn or winter wedding, where as lighter shades work well in the spring and summer months. We have also seen an increase in couples after Aqua or Turquoise for their beach weddings.

Here are out top ten mood boards in beautiful shades of Blue

Aqua - A really popular choice for couples and is often used for a 'Tiffany' colour scheme. It works really well with some sparkle and can also look stunning when used for a tropical wedding.
Aqua wedding theme

Baby Blue - We find many couples using the lighter shades of Blue for their winter weddings and using it as an 'Ice Blue'.  We often use this shade on our winter designs with sparkling snowflakes and the result is stunning.
Baby Blue Wedding Theme

Cobalt - A darker shade of Blue which is lovely for anyone wanting a rich blue shade that is not too dark Perfect for Autumn and winter weddings with some added sparkle.
Colbalt Blue Wedding Theme

Dusty Blue - One of my favourite shades and would work lovely with a vintage theme with lace and pearls. A flattering and subtle shade which is perfect for any time of year.
Dusty Blue Wedding Theme

French Blue - A romantic shade of blue, somewhere between Aqua and Cornflower. Think of french wooden window shutters.
French Blue Wedding Theme

Light Blue - One of the most popular shades couples ask for and is mostly used in the Spring and also winter as an ice blue shade and both times the blue is normally paired with lots of sparkle and crystals.
Light Blue wedding theme

Navy - A few years ago this shade was one of the top trends for weddings. Its popularity has reduced a little, but we still have many couples opting for this sophisticated colour scheme.
Navy themed wedding

Royal Blue - This is by far the most popular shade this year. We have made many orders in this colour and even more sample requests.Royal Blue themed wedding

Teal - A dark shade of Aqua, it isn't the most common of shades we work with, but there are some couples that appreciate it and often choose it for beach weddings.
Teal wedding theme

Winter Blues - Think powder blue, baby blue and ice blue. They are all subtle shades and can work well with greys and pinks if you want to bring in another colour to the wedding.
Winter Blue theme