Green is a perfect colour to have if you are wanting a natural wedding day and it brilliant when put with a rustic theme. There are so many different shades available like Hunter, Racing Car, Forest, Lime, Sage, Mint and Pale Green.

These work perfectly on their own, but really come to life when paired with other colours like grey, pink, yellow or even mixing different shades of green together.

Emerald was recently Pantone's colour of the year and we saw an increase in couples choosing this rich colour for their autumn and winter weddings. It works brilliantly with Gold or Ivory.
Emerald Wedding Theme

Green and Lavender
Mixing different shades with lavender works wonderfully and adding in a bit of burlap for a rustic feel really brings this theme together
Green and Lavender wedding theme

Green and Burlap

Rustic weddings are a top trend this year and green can play a large part in the colour scheme. Couples choose to bring in natural foliage, leaves and white or ivory flowers along with hessian and twine .
Green and Burlap Theme

Green and Grey

To add a subtle colour to green consider Grey. It is a neutral colour that can break up the green and give a really elegant look.
Green and Grey Theme

Green and Pink
One of the more common pairings is green and pink, it is often sage and pale pink put together, but this mood board shows how the darker greens work well with a blush pink.
Green and Pink Theme

If you are after a pop of colour then Lime is a fantastic choice. It is bold and bright and is often used as an accent colour for summer or destination weddings
Lime Theme


Mint is a top colour choice for couples and is often paired with a pale pink along with lilacs and light blues for a pastel themed wedding
Mint Themed Wedding

Sage Green
Sage Green is the most popular choice of green at the moment for couples and back in 2012 it was most of the common colour choices. It is a natural shade and works perfectly with ivory.
Sage Themed Wedding

Teal and Aqua
The more bluer shades of green, teal and aqua are a popular choice for destination weddings and work well with pink shades.
Teal and Aqua Theme