A unique theme which is growing in popularity and perfect for any book worms. Book and library inspired details will add literary charm to your wedding.

1) Decoration
These folded book decorations are quite popular and can be made with words or symbols also.
Novel venue decorations

2) Bouquet
This unique bouquet has had artificial flowers made from book pages.
Novel Bouquet

3) Wedding Cake
This book wedding cake doesn't look like a cake at all. Some impressive artwork!
Notebook wedding cake

4) Centre Piece
A simple way to incorporate books into the reception decor
Notebook centre piece

5) Guest Book
An alternative to the traditional guest book. Why not have a 'message in a bottle' which will be opened on your first wedding anniversary.
Guest book for wedding

6) Photo Opportunity
Photo Novel idea for wedding

7) Reception Decoration
A perfect runner for your reception tables
Decor notebook themed

8) Table Name Cards
Use book pages as decoration for your reception stationery.
Novel wedding table name cards

9) Venue decoration
These garlands look great with the added book pages
Venue decor

10) Wedding Invitations
These invitations are a great find in the style of book covers.
Novel wedding invitation for wedding