Summer is a perfect time to be brave with bright and bold colours to give a statement. Lots of pink, yellow, blue, green and incorporate it into your flowers, venue decoration and mix and match your bridesmaids dresses.

Here are some of our best finds for this theme.

Beach Wedding
Where better to have a summer wedding than a beach? Think comfortable and laid back with low tables and scatter cushions all in bright colours

Bouquet wedding theme
You can go full on with the colours in your bouquet, mix and match different flowers and colours
Bridesmaids summer theme
Rainbow bridesmaids is becoming a top trend and is perfect for a bright summer wedding as not everyone suits hot pink or a turquoise dress, so you can go with the colour that suits that individual the best.

Centre Piece summer theme
Summer is often associated with citrus fruits, this is a great centrepiece using sliced limes

Summer theme cupcakes for wedding
Bring some colours into your cakes, whether you are having cupcakes or a traditional style wedding cake, have an array of different colours

Hot Pink Heels
You may not be having a bright colour wedding dress, but you can carry the theme on with your shoes and go for a bright coloured pair like these hot pinks ones.

Venue decoration summer pink
Bright coloured table cloths can change a venue's look instantly. These hot pink ones look great.

Venue decoration pom poms
Pom Poms are a cheap and effective way to add colour and decoration to your venue

Ribbon and lanterns venue decoration
Lanterns have become a top trend for weddings recently as they are cheap and come in all colours. This venue chose to use different coloured strands of ribbon to decorate the chairs which is a unique idea to add some colour.

Wedding Cake Summer Theme
If you are after a traditional style wedding cake , remember you can add colour into this as well. Whether you go for a white iced cake and decorate it with bright flowers or have the icing finished in bright colours.