Wedding Table Name Cards

Measurements: 144mm x 144mm or A5 landscape.
Card Colour and Texture: White, Ivory or Cream

With all of your wedding stationery items matching, a coordinating
table plan and table name cards add the final touch to your wedding reception.

We can provide table name or number cards to co-ordinate with your table plan and they make it very easy for your guests to identify their correct table and to avoid any confusion. They are a lovely decorative feature to add to your reception tables and unify the tableware.

All of our table name or number cards are designed to match your table plan in your chosen stationery design and colour. They are positioned to be free standing or to be placed in a clip.

It is becoming increasingly popular to name the reception tables rather than number them as weddings become more and more personalised. Many couples will choose themes that mean something to them, like a New York theme following their engagement or they may choose a Christmas theme by naming the tables after reindeers or famous couples.