Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is essential to ask guests to attend your wedding.
It should provide all the necessary details and the design of your invitation
will give an indication of what to expect on the day.

Wedding Invitations should be sent around twelve weeks before the wedding to ensure you have all the replies to co-ordinate your table plan and to give final numbers to the venue. The invitations should be sent out at least twelve weeks before the wedding but bear in mind that many stationery companies can be booked up for a few months in advance so it is worth starting to look for your stationery a year before.


As well as sending the wedding invitation you may wish to send a reply card and self addressed envelope. Most stationery companies can provide these to match your wedding invitation or they can be a plain postcard that slips comfortably inside the invite. If the budget permits these are a great to have as it ensures you have speedy replies from your guests. It is useful to put a RSVP date on the card so everyone knows when to reply by. This is usually four to six weeks before the wedding day.

These are becoming increasingly popular as often guests need to travel and arrange accommodation when attending the wedding. Many couples include information such as a map to the church and venue, a list of local hotels or a menu if choices need to be made. Most stationery companies can provide these for you to co-ordinate with your wedding invitations

There are many different styles of wording available for your wedding invitations the most popular styles are where the brides parents are the hosts but we have seen an increase in both sets of parents hosting the wedding and the couples themselves.